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Council Approvals for Carports & Awnings

An important aspect of the building process is Local Council Approval.

Before undertaking any building work it is important to establish whether any approvals are required that relate to the type of work you are proposing to do. As all councils in Sydney have individual and varying development and planning guidelines, it is important to establish what can and can’t be achieved.

STAR*PORT can provide advice specifically relating to our products in accordance with the Building Code of Australia requirements. STAR*PORT can be contracted to provide a complete cost-effective approval package that would include Drawing of Plans, Submitting of Applications and Payment of Fees, also obtaining any necessary Sydney Water approvals that are applicable. With many years experience obtaining council approvals we take the worry and responsibility out of this complicated process.
If you have already obtained council approval, we can assist in ensuring that our product meets the approval requirements.

The Council approval process can be at times quite complicated and lengthy so it is important to get it right the first time to avoid added costs and delays.
The Development types that most commonly relate to the types of work we do can be divided into 3 main areas.

Exempt Development – This area is typically smaller developments, which have minimal impact on neighbours and the surrounding environment. Each council has it’s own Exempt Development guidelines which you must comply with, and if so this means no formal written approval is required for you to proceed with intended works.

Complying Development – Once again this area is for smaller developments, however these developments are considered large enough to require some type of approval from council. Complying Development means if you meet certain requirements and criteria under a complying development plan then this can be a simple and fast way to get approval for building works. Complying Development approval can be obtained from either your local Council or a Private Certifying Authority.

Development Application & Construction Certificate – This type of approval is for more significant development types. It is a two-stage approval process.
First stage is the Development Approval; this must be done by the council. It involves plans being sent to affected neighbours who have an opportunity to raise any concerns they may have about the development proposal, once this has been done the councils assessment of the application begins and if satisfied that the application meets the councils guidelines and objectives then D.A approval will be granted.

The second stage of the approval is the Construction Certificate. This approval is concerned more with the technical aspects of the proposed building works, ensuring that the building will comply with building standards and codes. It is essential to have a construction certificate approved before you can begin any construction. Either the council or a Private Certifying Authority can issue a construction certificate.

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