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Polycarbonate Awnings

Polycarbonate awnings are a great option for when you are looking to improve the appearance of your property, or if you want to provide a shaded area while still allowing the sunshine to enter. Polycarbonate awnings are ideally suited to both residential and commercial properties, especially those that do not receive large amounts of sunlight or where a closed awning or pergola would create an unattractive dark space.

Starport custom-design polycarbonate awnings to fit any property, and they can be the perfect option for shelter for your property’s patio, porch, balcony or decking areas. We design and create polycarbonate awnings to complement your existing building while ensuring it fits the original purpose that you identified at the beginning of the project. From design to installation, our experienced team will submit all council paperwork and ensure your awning is perfectly erected, giving your property a stylish and improved look.

Unlike other structures, polycarbonate awnings are a unique, popular choice as they allow sunlight to penetrate - replicating glass without the cost and with added strength. Our polycarbonate awnings come in an extensive range of powder-finished colours and styles.

The features of Starport’s polycarbonate awnings include:

  • robust and durable aluminium frames
  • glass look which allows light to come through
  • UV resistant, protecting you and your family, or your clients and employees against the sun while allowing light through
  • strong and flexible and requiring minimal maintenance
  • high temperature resistance to withstand Australian summers

We also offer a repair and maintenance service, where we inspect, repair and maintain existing polycarbonate awnings while providing professional advice on how to stabilise or replace panels or the awning completely.

To find out more about our polycarbonate awnings or to request an obligation-free quote call Starport Constructions today on 02 9534 2188 or simply complete the form on the right.

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