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Patio Awnings & Modern Pergolas

At Starport Constructions we have over 40 years’ experience of designing, constructing and installing custom patio awnings and modern pergolas throughout Sydney.

We create custom awnings and pergolas which are perfect for protection against the Sydney climate, leaving you dry and cool while being able to enjoy the outdoors. Our products can also be designed for purely aesthetic reasons, to highlight or improve the appearance of any property. Our awnings and pergolas are perfect for walkways, backyards, front yards, courtyards, window and door coverings and much more.

All Starport patio awnings and pergolas come with lightweight, durable aluminium frames, with strong and durable Colorbond roofing profiles. The design options are endless, as are the colours, sizes and styles we offer.

Our range of custom designed awnings and pergolas include:

  • Patio Awnings - the Colorbond roof keeps the sun and rain off your front porch or deck giving you all year  round protection from the Sydney elements.
  • Modern pergolas - feature roofing materials such as Colorbond, polycarbonate and aluminium and can be used for residential properties, commercial sites and schools and government buildings.
  • Polycarbonate awnings - strong and transparent - a perfect option for low light areas and give a sense of space compared to closed awnings.
  • Gable awnings - for those who want more than a porch cover, adding a statement feature to make your property truly stand out.
  • Insulated roof awnings - provide your outdoor area with more than sun and rain protection. Insulated awnings will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter and also provide added noise reduction.
  • Door and window awnings - allow you to keep your door and window open in the rain and provide shade and shelter if you are stuck outside!
  • Curved and bullnose awnings - for those who want a unique curved awning, ideal for walkways and window coverings.
  • Commercial awnings - perfect for outdoor areas where employees take lunch, or for covers for warehouse and loading docks.
  • School covers and walkways - making travel between buildings in schools, hospitals, retirement homes, and so on, comfortable no matter the weather.

For more information on how we can install a patio awning or modern pergola at your property, call us today on 02 9534 2188 or complete the form on the right.

Click here to view the Awnings and Pergolas Gallery. 

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